Monday, August 31, 2009


Would someone please tell me what her secret is?! At nigh on 107, Perennial Emmy Nominee Susan Lucci must be drinking the blood of virgins, or she's has a portrait locked away in the attic that gets older for her. Does she not look amazing?!


lancelonie said...

The magic of botox perhaps? :)
She is pretty and youthful.

Craig Curtis said...

I would guess, along with botox, a boob job, full face lift, hair extensions. There is no reason for a woman of her haggardness to look like this. Good genes? Perhaps. But I like the idea of her draining virgins (of New Jersey....should she find them) in her basement, and having a goblet or two at dinner. She's gorgeous, and waaaaaay better looking than when she played the ingenue role. Or did she ever stop? Thanks for the comment, my dear. You have a great site!