Monday, July 6, 2009


As everyone knows, I am ALL about comfort food: Mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits and gravy, chocolate ice cream, MACARONI AND CHEESE. If you've ever made it from scratch, you know there's a few steps involved including making a roux, the cheese sauce, boiling and draining the macaroni, laying it in a baking dish, then baking for an hour. Delish, yes. Clean-up, no. Here's a simple and delicious EASY VERSION of the classic found on RECIPEZAAR. I thought I was going to die it was soooo good.



  1. Melt butter in a saucepan over a medium heat.

  2. Stir in flour and salt.

  3. Add milk and macaroni to saucepan, and bring to a boil.
  4. Reduce heat, and cover.
  5. Simmer for 15 minutes or until pasta is tender, stirring occasionally.
  6. Add cheese, and stir until cheese melts.
  7. Serve.


Jory Mickelson said...

Why honey, thank you so much! I was looking for something that I could whip up quick if the husband called at the last minute and said he was bringing company over for dinner.

(Does that really happen ANYWHERE these days?)

Craig Curtis said...

They'd much rather have Jello Shots 'round these parts!

IN THE LV ON AIR said...

Ok, here's the best part. Put that Mac N Cheez in a large square pan and put in the fridge overnite. Next day cut into 2x2" squares. Wrap the squares in bacon. Dredge the bacon wrapped squares in egg and coat with flour.

Now! Here come the best part!

Deep fry those puppies till the bacon is cooked.

Arteries, harden now! Yum!

Herb said...

I love this stuff, also I love Noodle Kugle I've deep fried it before its, good, Paula Dean does the same thing to Lasagna, Please thats almost too much...just almost

Craig do you remember Oki Dog and did you ever have it, Large tortilla with two hot dogs on one side and pastrami on the other, then cheese and chili and onions and bell peppers and mustard and then you roll them up like a burrito?

A week ago I had people over and made them since the prior week we had been reminiscing about these things. I would have thought these guys at their age could not still put them away, I was wrong, I had one and with just one hot dog and that was plenty, some had seconds.

Oddly as awful as they sound, they were pretty tasty but pretty filling and unlike Oki dog I didnt have to thin out the chili with the hot dog water.

Craig Curtis said...

Hell, yeah. I remember OKI DOG. Mostly for the wares named KNOLL that hung out there in wife beaters and dolphin shorts. For a mere $50 you could sleep with a porn star! Ah, the days....

Herb said...

I remember hearing about the Notorious one on Santa Monica blvd. By the time I knew of Oki Dog in the early 90's that one was closed or about to be and I went to the one
on fairfax, there is also one on Pico, check THIS out !!!

Herb said...

Ah Okay, Fusion Oki Cuisine!@?

Dale said...

Love, love , love! I might have to give my hand a try at this one. Looks like an easy-enough-to-do recipe. But then again, I burn oatmeal! Thank God for husbands, dahhhhhling. Sometimes I'd go hungry without one.

Craig Curtis said...

But Dale, dahhhling, if you were a drinking type man, all you'd need is a 5th of gin and some Cheetos! And lord knows what one cannot do to weiners!